Watercolor painting: A woman wrapped in white cloth is tossed about in churning blue water, her hair floating in a puff around her face. Crimson flowers and flower petals swirl around her.
Digital Illustration: A woman wearing a blue dress crouches on one knee, her arms outspread. Her body is overlaid with raging fires in the shape of a huge bird of prey with her skin turning to molten, cracked lava and burning away. She screams, her head thrown back, as the fiery transformation spreads over her entire body.
Digital Illustrations
Watercolor Illustration: Disaster strikes the personified Marshmallow Campers! In the center, the red-shoed marshmallow flails as flames leap up from their head. On the right, the concerned blue-shoed marshmallow hurries forward with a bucket of water. On the left, the laughing purple-shoed marshmallow runs away with a second bucket. Behind them, an orange tent stands between the pine trees. The sky darkens into night. The Camp RevPit flag STILL FLIES.
Camp RevPit Illustrations