A photo of artist and writer Rebecca Wilcox. She is a white woman with gray eyes and hip-length brown hair dyed pink and wearing a navy blue dress and a smokey quartz pendant. A wooden fence. bleached pale by the sun, fills the background. Rebecca is smiling.


Rebecca Wilcox is an author and illustrator. Though she loves all forms of science fiction and fantasy, she’s happiest where the lines blur between the two. Born with a degenerative low-frequency hearing disability, she has always felt most comfortable communicating through her art and the written word. She earned degrees in both Illustration and Graphic Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After spending most of her career in corporate and technical spaces, she has shifted her focus to writing and illustrating the books she has always adored. 

Her favorite place to be is in her studio with coffee at her side, a fountain pen or paintbrush in her hand, and a cat in her lap. She lives in the Southeastern US, where her constant war against mold, invading lizards, and ants is supported by her family, two cats, and a betta who thinks he’s a shark. (She’s on her own against the palmetto bugs.) 


Currently, Rebecca has no in-person events scheduled. (Please get your COVID vaccine!)